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Things to Pack  Empty Things to Pack

Wed Nov 01, 2023 8:23 am
Bring a battery pack
Waterproof your backpack
Pack medicine
Pack light
Have copies of your important documents

I decided that I would pack all of these things for my next trip. Would you like to tell me, if I need to add anything more to it or not?

What do you say about countdown to cruise?
Nick Kembel
Nick Kembel
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Things to Pack  Empty Re: Things to Pack

Mon Nov 06, 2023 7:21 am
Completely agree with you that packing your luggage and taking care of yourself while traveling is very necessary. By using this way you guys can save yourself from trouble and easily can have fun during your travel time. So I highly recommend you and other travelers before going anywhere keep an eye on your accessories. By the way, tell me where are you going?
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